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Routine pet wellness exams achieve several things: They contribute to keeping your pet healthy from one year to the next; they give us the chance to touch base with you and answer all your questions about your pet; and they help our team build a lasting, trusting relationship with your family. Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital recommends a routine wellness exam at least once a year for your canine or feline, including comprehensive lab work and tailored vaccinations as part of their ongoing wellness plan.

It's a pleasure to be here for you and your pet for all their preventative needs. Contact us today to request a wellness appointment for your pet!

Why It’s Important to See Your Pet Every Year

Yearly pet wellness exams are important for several reasons. First, dogs and cats cannot tell us how they’re feeling. They also tend to hide their symptoms, making it difficult for their owners to tell when something is wrong.

Additionally, seeing your pet at least once a year allows us to build a consistent medical history, so we can continue providing care tailored to their specific needs. But most importantly, we recommend yearly exams so we can catch signs of potential illness at the earliest possible stage. Early detection plays a key role in preventing disease and extending your pet’s life.

What is Involved in a Pet Wellness Exam?

We perform thorough wellness exams at our hospital to ensure your dog or cat is staying healthy. A typical exam includes:

  • Checking Cats Eyes

    Checking the heart, lungs, oral cavity (teeth and gums), eyes/vision, ears, lymph nodes, abdomen, skin, coat, joints, and muscles

  • Comprehensive Lab Work

    Comprehensive lab work to screen for disease, which includes a full blood workup (chemistry and complete blood count), heartworm testing, tick-borne disease testing, and a fecal exam

  • Dog With A Syringe In His Mouth

    Administering vaccinations or performing titers as recommend for your pet’s personal protection

  • Treatment

    Providing treatments as needed for any existing conditions


Many of our patients come to us with itchy skin, ear infections, and other dermatologic conditions. Our team can perform an examination and diagnostics to help you determine the cause of your pet's problem. We can also explore various treatment options to relieve their symptoms and restore your pet to a more comfortable, normal life. If you think your pet has allergies, contact us at (908) 704-6700 today!

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My experience at this office has always been excellent. I feel like every veterinarian that has taken care of my dog has been great. They're thorough and patient. They take time to explain test results and welcome questions. They don't over order tests. All the staff have been kind.